Saturday, January 15, 2011

I've been cooking so much and writing none!

It's been a crazy busy time and I started this blog before I had a gathering of recipes to share. The good news is, my cooking skills are sharp, and me and JP are dedicated to being healthy so I've been cooking every day and almost always trying something new and adapting delicious recipes to gluten, sugar, free vegan, using my years of the same experience cooking and baking. I've been having tummy aches from food since I was a little girl! I never liked milk or cheese, any wonder I later found myself getting more and more intolerant to lactose. Sugar gives me headaches and maybe the gluten too and although I maintain I fairly regular rule that if offered something that won't hurt me, I'll enjoy it with those I love and keep close like my friends and family, but mostly my Nana and Jp's mom, Paula, who re two of the most excellent cooks ever! MMMMM I'm dreaming flank steak, beef bourguignon, mmmmm and teriyaki steak, hehe can you tell I don't eat much meat. I eat meat if I'm feeling like I can't think, I'd like to keep kosher and I like to buy kosher products.Well anyways, I'm sitting here stuffed from eating half a decently sized pizza that was soooooooooooo delicious. JP approves and he is very picky, I think I am too. Anyways I pretty much winged it with the ingredients I had, well I even ran out of the white rice I wanted to use and substituted a tablespoon of a premade brown rice mix I had sitting around. 

So this is to say I'll be better from here. Hopefully some followers will show up and I'll be posting deliciousness every day from here on out. Expect on weekends and holidays and all threw out May! Haha Brian Regan. Much thanks for that. I love May.

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