Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Beginning

I've all but gone mad, trying to find acceptable healthy recipes on-line for myself and for those friends, family members, and picky spoiled eater and the love of my life, John Paul, that ask me to recommend them.

Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan, and with some real foods!!!

My name is Kendra. I'm a divinely inspired health "nut" who's heaven bent on a mission to change the world one person at a time by making them feel great, really great, the kind of great I know only comes from the inside out. From the mind, body and spirit, health and joy fill every cell in our bodies and then you too can radiate with health like people say I do and I know those I look up to and learn from do.

I study many forms of health and wellness, from medical to holistic, from East to West, from ancient to modern. The truth is anything that works, works for a reason but our bodies are not the same so someone cannot tell you what to do. It's you taking in information, using experience and intelligence to break it down, and then deciding if it is right for you. Trial and error, intuition and asking your higher-self is the true path to healing the body and preventing all discomfort.

Some things I know:

Everyone has specific needs and "ideals"

Single persons have it very easy on shopping perfect.

Couples and families must organize meals to satisfy all needs and then snacks and meals away can be used as opportunities to get needs that do not match the needs of others.

Children and adolescence are the most important to fully satisfy diet needs since the body and the brain are still in growth.

It takes weeks to months to fine tune your diet but the closer you get to ideal the easier it becomes to notice some things that are irritating you in any way.

Some foods are not good for anything, refined sugars, anything genetically modified, artificial, and maybe meat.

I am a vegan, I have found this to be the ideal for my body and a good amount of research suggests this is the ideal diet for human maintenance. I also believe that the problem with mean eating comes not from the flesh itself but from the deprived soul, which is the case in most meat eating at least here in the United States. What I mean by this is "Happy life brings Happy death," someone great once said, when these animals are giving no family, no land to roam and sometimes even no sunshine, it's clear that this energy would by no means be as "good" as flesh that properly enjoyed life as the universe intended it to. I believe live and let die. If you feel the need to take away life to fill yourself with energy I think this is just the beginning of your path. I hope you do not turn away yet and try some of your options. Vegetarians suffer less cancer and heart complications. Two health risks I know are two of the most challenging facing my generation today.

I hope in this blog to share the recipes I find agree with the most people. I will properly draw attention to those foods that cause upset such as any common allergies, casein, eggs, sugar (diabetics) gluten/wheat (celiac) nuts, etc...

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