Friday, February 4, 2011

One more follower, inspires one new blog!

I make up a new recipe almost everyday, or everyday I cook, which is pretty much everyday. Sure, there are some times where I have tried a recipe more than once to get it perfect but I guess that I've been, what I call, "healthy" baking for a long time now. And let's be real, I'm not some joe shmo, haha what ever that means, who started blogging to learn cooking. I actually have been cracking gluten free and sugar free baking for over three, maybe four years now. I also studied nutrition as a minor in college and even when I wasn't learning it in school and I am officially the biggest (or smallest, however you rather) health junkie I know! Yes, indeedy I am very proud. I've worked hard and studied long to make my body feel the best it can, and as a result I lost 30lbs. Maybe more since I stopped checking at 135lbs. I'm 5'0" not cute at 135, super cute at 105 but to be honest I can fluctuate a few lbs. And I'm sorry if you are a 5'0" girl who weighs 135, you are overweight! It's not to hurt feelings it's to save lives. I'm being serious here people, a diet that included lots of steaks and eggs, was a major contributing factor in my grandpas heart attack. And this is real! Fatty meats and eggs are high in cholesterol, I base my recipes off on the healthiest ingredients, and this also includes freshest and I have tested them in a calculating program to understand where the fats and sugars come from. I am a vegan, constantly re-researching things to make sure my concepts are the healthiest and if my mind changes you blog will be the first to know, if not for you, for me. So I can always remember these days, where the world is spinning so fast we can't feel it and I'm doing everything I can to feel and be awesome, and sharing it with the world. Because sharing is one of my favorite things to do, so thank you three followers. We're doing this for real!

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